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A Coffee Cup that cares for the environment

June 15, 2021
hero--A Coffee Cup that cares for the environment

When you’re craving a hot brew of coffee, single-use packaging can sometimes be unavoidable. But what if we told you a takeaway coffee cup can help reduce the negative impact we have on the environment? In being an environmentally conscious company, we’ve teamed up with BioPak to ensure the negative impact we have on the environment is as minimal as possible.

BioPak paper coffee cups, which are offered for every takeaway coffee at our centres, are made from paper sourced from certified sustainably managed plantations and lined with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. Ingeo™ PLA (polylactic acid) requires 52% less energy to produce and has a carbon footprint 71.8% lower compared to regular plastic.  They are printed with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly water or soy-based inks. 

The term ‘biodegradable’ is often thrown around in a misleading manner. Research shows that these ‘biodegradable’  cups don’t actually biodegrade when they reach landfall, but actually fragment into small pieces, not dissolving until years down the track. Biopak coffee cups are different, they are certified commercially compostable which means they will completely biodegrade in a commercial compost facility within 120 days. This reduces greenhouse gases, and in return provide nutrients back to the earth. 

BioPak ensure that their efforts in creating paper-based packaging are not irreparably damaging towards deforestation. Well-managed forests support environmentally sound forestry, helping to preserve valuable resources for future generations. Biopak ensures all paper sourced are from sustainable practices. 

On top of this, all of the single-wall Biopak cups used in our centres require less energy and paper to manufacture compared to double-wall cups. Transport-related emissions are reduced from the lower weight and more compact carton size of the single-wall cup.

We understand there is no planet B, by teaming up with BioPak we’ve helped reduce the impact our early learning centres have on the environment. 

For more information about our friends at BioPak visit their website here 

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