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Belonging, Being and Becoming as a Green Leaves Kindergartener

February 9, 2022
hero--Belonging, Being and Becoming as a Green Leaves Kindergartener

At Green Leaves Early Learning, we embrace the Early Years Learning Framework, which is based around the concept of belonging, being, and becoming. This is ingrained in our day-to-day activities in building a sense of belonging and connection while engaging in practices that develop a love for lifelong learning.

The receiving of Kindy shirts for our graduating classes has become a significant milestone for our children, educators, and parents. Each child in our Kindergarten program is provided with a shirt at the start of each school year. This special moment is a symbolic step in their journey through a positive school transition.

This important part of our Positive School Transition program links directly to each child’s transition to formal schooling, allowing them to become familiar with wearing and caring for a uniform.


Learning journeys begin here – Green Leaves children from our Kindy room enjoying playtime in their special bright green shirts.

Receiving their bright green shirts has further solidified their sense of unity as the graduating Kindergarten class for that year. Taking pride in wearing their shirts, our children share a sense of belonging and camaraderie, as they enjoy their last year of early learning and care.

The children were excited to receive the new addition to their wardrobe, which made for some very happy moments!