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Families discover the Green Leaves Difference

May 23, 2023
hero--Families discover the Green Leaves Difference

There is a wonderful amount of joy in being a part of a child’s learning journey. At Green Leaves Early Learning, every day is an opportunity for meaningful moments of interaction between educators and children, in discovery and play, or finding awe and wonder in the small things. The inviting learning hubs with their abundance of natural lighting set the scene for a day of fun and learning.

Green Leaves embrace the Early Years Learning Framework, based around the concept of belonging, being, and becoming, which are ingrained in their day-to-day activities through practices that develop a love for lifelong learning.

With the belief that children are unique, so are their learning journeys. The programs at Green Leaves are age-appropriate, flexible, and customised to suit each child’s knowledge, interests, culture, abilities, and strengths. The Kindergarten program at Green Leaves is delivered by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers, and is designed to support children in developing the skills and abilities that are essential to achieving success in future learning environments.

Kindy children deep in discussion and play with their ECT.

“I really love the daily videos and photos I receive, which bring me peace of mind as a full-time working mother. The children have access to abundant resources and engaging activities. The team has been exceptionally supportive and accommodating, going above and beyond to ensure everyone feels included.” – Cathy, parent.

Recognising the importance of community connections, the curriculum at Green Leaves is supported by activities which provide children with opportunities to extend their interests. Visits from local police, paramedics, dentists, firefighters, guide dogs, and swimming schools help the children learn about the purpose and importance of these services in their local community. With local sponsorships also supporting the community, we also see local sports teams visiting our centres to share their skills and knowledge.

The children had an engaging session in getting to know their local police.

” My son has grown and flourished just in the few months we’ve been attending. It’s honestly such a joy to see him gain that independence and to connect to others. Something as simple as celebrating my son’s milestones and getting excited about it means so much to me.” – Bridget, parent.

A much-loved activity is celebrating and acknowledging milestones, which nurtures a sense of belonging and community amongst the children. The centres celebrate birthdays, cultural days, and most recently, Mother’s Day.

While the centres offer varying activities, the natural environment is an integral part of the program at Green Leaves. The children are encouraged to cherish and protect their natural world. The children embrace Bush Kindy, where they connect with their local natural ecological environment and experience seasonal changes firsthand. Further to that, exciting nature-themed incursions allow the children to learn about the ocean and reptile life. Most recently, they went back in time to walk with dinosaurs.

Ocean life is captivating!

Turning back time to visit prehistoric creatures.

The children always jump at the chance to spend the morning exploring the flora and fauna in their local area.

A favourite feature across all centres are our edible gardens. In conjunction with the passion and dedication of our centre Chef’s, our gardens thrive. The children’s interest grows as they follow the process of planting seeds, observing them grow, composting, harvesting, and then creating delicious meals with the help their Chef.

Our Chef and his helpers harvesting leafy greens from their flourishing edible garden.

Some of the centres have been awarded the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant to support their sustainability projects. The impact of embedding sustainable practices into early childhood education is a powerful way to equip children with the understanding and knowledge to help them cherish and preserve our natural world for future generations.

“Green Leaves offer so much for children, including excursions and incursions, and a variety of well thought out and hands on learning to engage the children, and not to mention fantastic outdoor play area and garden. The centre really caters for the whole family and even has a parent hub for families to take a moment to sit and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee made by their chef.” – Sophie, parent.

The children at Green Leaves Cairnlea enjoyed a special excursion to the zoo.

Nutrition plays a vital role in childhood development. Active, growing bodies require constant refueling. Across all Green Leaves centres, their resident Chef’s seasonal menus make mealtimes and snack times delightful for the children. The children also benefit from their regular Chef-led culinary lessons where they’ve baked cookies, hot cross buns, made green smoothies, sushi and so much more.

Our Chef-led culinary lessons is a wonderful way for children to expand their tastebuds, as well as develop problem-solving skills, learn about sequencing, teamwork and more.

While high-quality architectural features are standard designs across all Green Leaves centres, each centre has its own unique characteristics. Part of the Green Leaves family morning ritual is stopping by the Parent Lounge for a barista coffee and freshly baked treat – pop in for a coffee and tour to experience your local Green Leaves difference. Contact your nearest Green Leaves to arrange your visit.