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Learning Through Play: Feed the Reindeer Sensory Tray

December 20, 2023
hero--Learning Through Play: Feed the Reindeer Sensory Tray

For hands-on fun this Christmas, create a sensory tray for Santa’s reindeer!

Sensory trays can provide endless learning opportunities through hands-on play. You can fill a shallow tray with rice or oats or other filler material, then add items from around the home, such as measuring spoons and cups. Digging, pouring, and stirring are just some of the fine motor skills your child can practice, as they explore mathematical concepts, measuring and adding ingredients.

Add some Christmas cheer by creating a feeding tray for Santa’s reindeer. You can add Christmas-inspired materials such as re-used ribbon or wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments or carrots (for the reindeer to eat). The best part about sensory trays is that they can evolve and be inspired by your children’s ideas through play.

What you need:
• Oats
• Lentils
• Rice
• Legumes
• Chopped carrots
• Christmas themed items such as ornaments or spare wrapping paper
• Measuring spoons, cups and cookie cutters

You can substitute, leave out or add items to your tray as you get closer to Christmas, and prepare some snacks for Santa’s reindeer!

This activity was inspired by Green Leaves Warner Lakes. Children at the centre used spoons to feed the reindeer as part of their sensory tray experience.